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Deb S.

In the past few years, I have used 4 different trainers. None of them come close to Kelly and Tina. In a short 4 months, I have totally transformed, mentally and physically. As coaches, they push me hard and I welcome it. I never have a fear of doing what they ask of me. Their knowledge of the human body and what it can achieve is vast. They are always there to listen if I have concerns or just need to vent. They make my bad days better and my good days excellent. At last weigh in, I had lost 16 pounds of body fat and gained 10 pounds of lean tissue. My outlook on life has even changed. I would recommend Kelly and Tina to anyone who is looking for an absolutely amazing training and coaching program.

Nina D.

I have been training with Kelly and Tina non-stop for two years now and it’s safe to say that it’s been one of the best and most life changing decisions I’ve made in my life. Not only have I been able to achieve incredible results with my body, I’ve also developed a form of physical and mental strength throughout this journey that will last me a lifetime. They are both so passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition, training, and assisting others in reaching their health/fitness goals. I’m extremely lucky to not only have them as my coaches, but very close friends as well.

Shai D.

I finally buckled down in May of 2017 and got serious about getting into the best shape of my life, I was turning 30 later that year and just wanted to feel the best I have in my life. Tina and Kelly were recommended to me by a couple of friends and from the first meet up with them I knew it was a good decision. I wanted to eventually do a fitness competition, and I needed the right guidance. In a year’s time, I was able to do a fitness competition, lose 15 pounds and over 20% body fat. I have never felt or looked better and I couldn’t have done it without these 2! They are so motivating, down to earth, and really care about you reaching your goals.

David B.

I have worked with many trainers over the years, but Kelly is by far the best yet. His passion for what he does is infectious, and his knowledge of technique and nutrition has helped me achieve results I never thought possible. It is extremely rare to find a trainer who clearly practices what he preaches, and Kelly’s encouragement and belief in me over the last few months has me excited to see what we can achieve together in the months to come!

Jeff P.

I have been with Kelly and Tina for over 2 years with the goal of training to achieve my best physique. I am no stranger to working out or working with a trainer. When I decided to start looking for a trainer to get me to the next level, I wanted coaches who could provide me with true mentoring and coaching. Kelly and Tina challenged me to be the best I could be. They were very in tune with me and my body. I was amazed at how my body responded to the workouts and the meal plans they provided to me. Kelly and Tina are very dedicated to their client’s success and well-being. The coaching I received from Kelly and Tina is one of the best investments I have ever made in achieving my health and fitness goals.

Jess D.

The online program is the absolute best thing to happen for my fitness. I am able to work out in congruence with my ever-changing schedule and have Kelly and Tina’s support at all times. Accountability has always been my struggle. It’s so amazing that they are always there to answer my questions, check in on my experience, talk me off the ledge, and put an end to my excuses. With their program, I’ve accomplished fitness goals I never thought I could have. I have the best body of my life, and have inspired others as well, and I did it all on my own time. I can’t wait to see what’s next for me.

Moni K.

I first started with Kelly in 2016 doing an online program. I had no idea how to work out properly with weights, or how to eat properly to attain my goals. I had gained some weight due to thyroid issues and was really out of shape. Kelly taught me how to properly life weights, how to eat clean and the importance of consistency. After a quick 14 weeks, I was in the best shape of my life, and had dropped about 24 pounds of fat, and gained 6 pounds of muscle. After moving across the country, and just life happening, I ended up falling off the wagon and going back to my very unhealthy lifestyle and gained about 60 lbs. I started working with Kelly in person. He was amazing. He was so motivating and inspiration every single day, and you could really tell he really wanted me to succeed and reach my goals of just a healthier lifestyle. To date I’ve lost the excess 60 pounds. I could not have done this without Kelly. He taught me how to focus, and how to be mentally strong to achieve the goals that I was seeking to attain. He inspired me daily not with just his words but also through his own lifestyle.

Joshua H.

Working with Kelly has been an amazing experience! I went to see Kelly about a big goal I had. When I left the consultation, I felt this was something I needed to do for myself and felt Kelly was going to help me achieve this goal. He has been more than a coach in my eyes and I would recommend Kelly to anyone that wants to change their life and lifestyle.


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