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About The Program

Welcome to our Lifestyle Blueprint Premier. This is a 6-month minimum commitment program. This is a true to form coaching program as you will see with everything offered below. This is our high-level coaching program where we tailor any and everything you could need regarding a lifestyle, health, and fitness program. This is an exclusive 1 on 1 comprehensive fitness life coaching and mentoring program where either Coach Kelly or Tina Literally hold your hand, support you, and keep you accountable to whatever your goals may be. They will develop a specific program to maximize your life, health, and fitness results. This is not just nutrition coaching and workout protocol. This is truly personalized health and fitness life coaching. What Kelly and Tina have come across over their combined 29 years of coaching people is that for many the health and fitness component is only a small part of their journey. Many clients want the holistic approach and the psychological support that comes along with becoming your best self! Before we accept anyone into this program, we require an orientation call to make sure it is a good fit for all parties involved. If you are interested in this program, please click the “fill out an application for a call button” and we will schedule a time to talk with you!

What’s Included


Dedicated coaching support

Access to Kelly or Tina via text. Weekly Zoom, Facetime, or phone call (weekly call support must be scheduled).

Weekly check-ins and communications

You will check in weekly via your app so that we can evaluate your progress and success.

Mobile App

Your own Life Fuzion Fitness app that will be accessible from your phone or tablet, anytime, anywhere.

Client Portal

In your personalized app, you will have your own customized client portal that will house your entire program. You will keep your weight and measurements in your portal. You will also upload all of your progress pics here.

Custom tailored nutrition protocol

We will develop personally tailored meal plans and/or macro plans specific to your goals, needs, and wants. We will provide you detailed macros to meet your health and fitness goals. Following a macro-based plan allows you to choose the foods you like and create your meal plan based on what works best for you and your life. We will also provide you the educational resources to truly understand a macro-based program and how it works. We will give you the accountability and support to make sure you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it properly. For this program, we will want you to have bloodwork done to better assist us in creating the best nutrition plan for you. (We will further discuss parameters of blood work/labs on phone call).

Custom tailored workout/exercise protocol

We will provide you custom tailored gym or home exercise routines that you can follow using your Life Fuzion Fitness app. You will have detailed videos of every exercise and detailed instructions on how to perform them. You will get new workout programs every 2-4 weeks depending on your program and results. Utilizing our app, it is a lot like have a personal training session in your pocket via your phone. We will give you recommendations on weights, reps, and sets, and you can track all your workouts in your app. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns were are just a call or text away to support you.

Cardio Programs

We will provide you specific calorie burning recommendations based on your goals and lifestyle. This program requires a heart rate monitor or like device that measures your calories burned. Ex. Apple Watch, Fitbit, Polar HR monitor, Garmin monitor etc. We will assist you on that component and make sure you understand how and why as it pertains to your individualized program. What is awesome about the caloric burn approach to getting your cardio in is that you can do whatever activity you choose. You aren’t stuck to being in a gym walking on a treadmill for instance. We will teach you how to get your cardio in anytime anywhere. However, if you prefer traditional gym cardio like the stair master, treadmill, or bike we will guide you with that as well and make sure you know exactly what to do.

Stretching routines

Pre-and post-workout stretching routines with explanation and videos so you know exactly how to perform your stretches. We will provide you a stretching routine to compliment the exercise routines you will be doing. Stretching is something that is highly neglected in fitness and weightlifting routines. We believe it is a very important component to keeping yourself safe and healthy. Learning how to properly stretch will also provide you with longevity in your fitness journey.

You Also Get


Explanation & Success Guide eBook For Your Program

You will receive an eBook guide to ensure you success in your program. This guide will address any questions you may have about your program and provide tips for long term success.

Supplement Recommendations & Descriptions

You will receive in depth supplement recommendations and explanations to anything we recommend to you to aide in your health & fitness journey.

FAQ Guide

Many of the questions you may have will be answered in this detailed guide. We address all of the questions we’ve seen from clients over our 2 decades in relation to starting a health & fitness program.

Coaching Support

Support from coach Tina and Kelly via the Private Facebook group. We will be doing weekly live coaching sessions via the members only private group. Any questions you may have will be addressed in the community. We like to coach in the community because some of the questions you may have others may have as well and we can all help and support each other within the community.

Access To Private Membership Site

You will receive access to our exclusive membership site. We have built a ton of value and educational resources into the membership site. We are always growing it as well with valuable resources. We have taken 20 years of experience helping people achieve success with their health and fitness goals and put it all in here for your benefit and growth.